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Product Development

Product Development

Derivatives Connect is specialized in Niche skills for Product Development and have our own products in house as given below:
* FinTech Solution – ‘Derivatives Connect’
* HR Recruitment Solution – ‘Talent Zing’, ‘DC HR’, ‘DC IQ’, ‘Daily Walk-ins’
* Health Care Solution –‘iHealth Pharm’

Our tech team has a collective experience of 100+ years in,
* Finance Domain
* eCommerceDomain
* Engineering Domain
* Health Care Domain
* Human Resource Domain

We maintain,
* Customers Delivery deadlines
* Prioritization
* Quality Assurance & Control
* Competitive pricing and,
* Robust software which enables continuous improvements.

IB Solutions

IB Solutions

Many of our team leads are financial derivatives & fixed income experts with years of working experience in Global Financial conglomerates like,
* Citigroup
* JP Morgan
* Bank of America
* Royal Bank of Scotland and specific exposure with Murex, Calypso, Bloomberg and Mysys trading for Risk Management systems.

Being techno functional experts, we are in a position to quickly deploy our functional expertise to enable ML & AI solutions in FinTech management.

Due to constant inhouse innovation we are able to generate one of the most advanced tools in the financial domain. One such innovation is our flagship product, “Derivatives Connect” widely acknowledged worldwide.


IT Recruitment

Since Innovation is a part of Derivatives Connect, we are able to provide one of the most efficient and dynamic recruitment automation tools, i.e. TalentZing

As part of Enterprise solutions, we can also offer:
* Daily Walk-ins - For job mela
* DC IQ - For analytical & reasoning test
* DC HR - For end to end onboarding workflow

We are DIFFERENT, Because of our most effective usage & reach with social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram ., which enables customers time in finding the right resource through TalentZing, atleast by reducing 50 % of their time to get the same outcome.

Custom Development

FinTech Fast Forward

Derivatives Connect, being a FinTech company is in a position to apply ML & AI tools to generate more number of financial applications and tools due to our strong capabilities to support FinTech application development.

We are further in a position to align ourselves with the finance domain, market requirements and real time challenges.


Blockchain Development

Blockchain allows the businesses to create shared processes and transaction logic just once, they securely share the same data about each interaction. Technology inter-operability across the blockchain network, while addressing important aspects such as security & privacy of shared data, consensus management, data exchange standardization and business process re-alignment across network participants.


Engineering Automation

In industry, product lifecycle management (PLM) is the process of managing the entire lifecycle of a product from inception, through engineering design and manufacture, to service and disposal of manufactured products. PLM integrates people, data, processes and business systems and provides a product information backbone for companies and their extended enterprise.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

A detailed Audit on existing Digitalisation will be done across departments in any organisation. Digital Transformation possibilities in every department will be captured along with its relevance and readiness. A detailed report will be submitted to Management with its findings, gaps, recommendations on Digital Transformation Readiness.

Custom Development


Whereas you can purchase an off-the-shelf software application for dollars, customized software requires significantly more resources to design and thus comes with an inherently high amount of costs and risks. When a business decides to begin development on custom software, it has to cover all costs associated with the development process. In the end, cost alone can amount to the five-figure range.

Custom Development

Cloud Management

A growing number of organizations are leveraging cloud computing services to improve the flexibility and scalability of IT services delivered to their end users. Public cloud computing services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) enables organizations to use externally hosted computing resources on which to run their own applications and services.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Application security encompasses measures or counter-measures that are taken during the development life-cycle to protect applications from threats that can come through flaws in the application design, development, deployment, upgrade or maintenance. Some basic techniques used for application security are: a) Input parameter validation, b) User/Role Authentication & Authorization.